10 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Legal in 2020 (Works for Lawyers, Attorneys & Law Firms)

The legal sector is rapidly evolving day after day, and you need to cope with the changes in this sector. You find that there are always new entrants in the field, varying customers’ needs, and multiple regulatory changes.

In this digital age, marketing has also evolved significantly, and you need to adopt marketing strategies that can help you grow your legal firm.

Sticking to your old marketing strategies might push you out of business or cause your competitors to stay ahead of you.

Here are some of the digital marketing tips you can adopt.

1. Increase the online visibility of your firm

In this digital age, you cannot ignore the internet. To stay relevant in the legal sector, you need to ensure that customers can find online while doing their searches.

Do this by creating a website and opening accounts on social media platforms. Though this method has been used in previous years, it will continue to be relevant even in 2020.

2. Create unique and relevant website content

Content is key to success when marketing your firm online. Having unique and relevant content helps makes you competitive in online searches.

Additionally, it enables you to convince visitors, and they won’t search any further.

3. Personalization

This is a marketing method where clients only get the content they interested in. It becomes frustrating for clients when they get content they find irrelevant.

Personalization helps your clients to get the information they want. Though many companies have not adopted this method, it is the way to go in 2020.

4. Voice search

Recent research has revealed that in the year 2020, approximately half of the online searches will be via voice.

This means that voice searches will be an effective marketing strategy for your firm in 2020. All you need to do is optimize your website for such searches.

5. Video marketing

Though video marketing was widely used in 2019, it will continue to be relevant in 2020. Use videos to give insights on your services and post them on social networks and your website.

6. Social media messages

Use social media platforms like Facebook messenger and WhatsApp to directly communicate with your clients.

7. Chatbots

Though people have been using this technology for communication, it will continue to be better and more sophisticated, and more people will adopt it.

It will be an effective marketing technique to incorporate into your website.

8. Influencer Marketing

You can market your firm by using a celebrity or a person with a massive following on the internet. This will help you reach more clients.

9. Page Speed

You need to improve your website loading speed in 2020. This helps to improve your website performance, and more people will have ease of access to your site.

10. Optimize your website and online platforms for mobile

With Smartphone technology today, most people prefer using their mobile phones to access sites and online platforms.

To stay ahead of competitors in 2020, ensure that visitors can access your site with mobile phones.

In this digital era, you cannot ignore digital marketing strategies. To grow a legal firm, you need to incorporate effective marketing strategies. SERP Co – A Law Firm Marketing Company are expert in digital marketing for law firms. This company will help you to attracts more customers to your client hence growth.